Method for assessment of presence and distribution of moisture and salts in masonry


In order to determine and quantify the presence and distribution of moisture and (hygroscopic) salt in a wall, a standard method including sampling and a measuring technique was developed. This method has been tested within many case studies and proved to lead to a sound assessment of moisture and (hygroscopic) salt distribution and to help identifying the source(s) of the moisture.

Aims and limits of the method:

  • The main aim of this method is to determine the quantity, distribution and origin of moisture in a wall and to obtain information on the presence and distribution of (hygroscopic) salts [1-5].
  • The actual moisture content gives quantitative information on the moisture load and distribution.
  • The hygroscopic moisture content (HMC) gives qualitative information on the salt quantity and type(s).
  • The method is little-destructive and therefore sometimes repair (closing of bore holes) may be necessary.

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Standard procedure

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