What is MDCS?

MDCS – the Monument Diagnosis and Conservation System – is an interactive support tool for the inventory and evaluation of damage to monumental buildings. During visual inspections MCDS helps to identify the types of materials and the types of damage. Based on the damage types found, hypotheses on possible causes are suggested. On the basis of the final diagnosis, conservation can be planned.

What is MDCS?

MDCS helps to clearly define and record damage types. This provides clear communication between parties in the construction industry: architects, contractors, inspectors, insurance agencies. It is a first step towards determining causes and responsible procedures.

Monitoring your own monument

MDCS helps in (visual) monitoring the state of the monument by the owner / administrator.

MDCS as a source of knowledge

MDCS provides a wealth of background information on degradation processes and maintenance techniques. Also, the user learns to recognize materials. Thus it is a source of knowledge for professionals and of course ideal for students.

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MDCS / Damage Atlas

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